Code of Conduct for Transparency Mauritius


  1. Introduction
  2. Scope of the TM Code of Conduct
  3. General Principles of TM
    • Our Vision
    • Our Values
    • Our Mission
    • Our Guiding Principles
  4. Practical Guidelines
    4.1 Chapter Relations
    4.2 Staff Relations
    4.3 Conflict of Interest
    4.4 Financial Transparency
    4.5 Financial Independence


  1. Getting familiar with the Code
  2. Raising an issue/ Whistleblower Protection
  3. Amendments


1. Introduction

This Code of Conduct for Transparency Mauritius (TM) is based on the Umbrella Statement of Transparency International (TI) Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles that was agreed upon by the TI Annual Meeting in Prague, in 2001. It is in line with the TI Conflict of Interest Policy presented to the TI Annual Meeting in Nairobi in 2004 and approved by TI’s International Board of Directors in October 2004.
While the Umbrella Statement provides a firm ethical framework for TI global movement, individual codes of ethics reflect the particular needs and the diversity of conditions and aspirations within TI movement.

The members of TM are committed to uphold high standards of integrity and accountability, to act according to the core values and guiding principles of TI and to promote these standards and principles. TM members are aware that they have a special role to play in promoting the movement and its ideals to other stakeholders.

The Code is a living document. Its value to the TI movement lies in its ability to create an enhancing environment for a culture of integrity.

2. Scope of the Code of Conduct for Transparency Mauritius

The Practical Guidelines for TM are as those developed by Transparency International–Secretariat (TI-S) for employees (including both Executive and Non- Executive Staff). Those working with TM as volunteers or as paid consultants are expected to observe the spirit of this Code insofar as it is relevant to their activities.

3. General Principles of TM

Our Vision
A world in which government, politics, business, civil society, and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

Our Values
Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Solidarity, Courage, Justice, and Democracy.

Our Mission

  • To raise public awareness and advance the general education of the public in the promotion of integrity in business ethics in national and international business transactions;
  • To promote, undertake or commission research for the benefit of the public, into aspects of containing corruption and influencing peddling in national and international business transactions;
  • To combat corruption and influence peddling, and to give legislative and public bodies facilities for conferring with and ascertaining the views of persons and institutions engaged in combating corruption as regards matters directly or indirectly affecting that issue.
  • To provide for meetings and publications of any type and for publications of any type to combat corruption.
  • To contribute to increase the accountability of decision makers and transparency at all levels of the public and private sectors.

Our guiding principles
As members of TM, we are committed to respecting the following principles.

  1. As coalition builders, we undertake to work co-operatively with all individuals and groups, with for profit and not for profit corporations and organisations, and with governments and international bodies committed to the fight against corruption, subject only to the policies and priorities set by our governing bodies.
  2. We undertake to be open, honest, and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with and with each other. We endeavour to perform our duties
    honestly, faithfully and efficiently, respecting the rights of other TI National Chapters and of our colleagues/fellow members.
  3. We undertake to be politically non-partisan and non-sectarian in our work for TM.
  4. We will condemn bribery and corruption vigorously and courageously wherever it has been reliably identified, although we ourselves do not seek to expose individual cases of corruption.
  5. We strive to take positions, which are based on sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research.
  6. We will only accept funding that does not compromise our ability to address issues freely, thoroughly, and objectively.
  7. We commit to providing accurate and timely reports of our activities to our stakeholders.
  8. We undertake to respect and encourage respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.
  9. In our recruitment policies, we will strive for balanced and diverse representation with respect to gender and religion, as the diversity of the movement we serve requires.

4. Practical Guidelines

4.1 TI Chapter Relations

  1. We will consult actively with Transparency International in the development and implementation of policies and activities that have an impact on them.
  2. We will endeavour to respond to all requests from TI fairly and expeditiously.

4.2 Staff (Executive and Non-Executive) Relations

  1. We will treat each other with respect and consideration.
  2. We will communicate and consult with each other openly and collegially and in a manner that assists each of us to fulfil our duties and responsibilities faithfully and efficiently.
  3. We will respect the privacy and private lives of our colleagues when dealing with personal information.
  4. We undertake to ensure adequate consultation with any staff member before making any decision, which may impact upon that staff member.

4.3 Conflict of Interest

In our work, conflict may arise between our personal interests and the interests of TM, TI National Chapters or other stakeholders. We will disclose such conflict and resolve it in a transparent manner, in the interest of Transparency International and the international movement.

4.3.1 Non-preferential Treatment of Family and Friends / Staff Recruitment
We are committed to fair, objective, and impartial recruitment, hiring, and procurement procedures. In particular:

  1. Family members, and friends and organisations with which we or our families or friends are associated, will not be accorded preferential treatment.
  2. We will not hire or contract with members of our immediate family, that is a spouse, parent, child, or sibling, or with the immediate family of members of the Board or Advisory Council, without specific authorisation by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Hiring of or contracting with persons related to the Chairman will be approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Appointments to all positions will be made on merit and only after due consideration of all applications received following internal and external announcements.

4.3.2 Gifts and Entertainment

No person associated with TM or any of TI National Chapters shall accept any gift, entertainment, loan or anything else of value from any organization or individual if it could be reasonably construed or perceived that the gift is motivated by a wish to influence TM.

4.3.3 Travel and TM Property

  1. Official travel undertaken by us will be directly related to the work of TM, and will be undertaken only when necessary. Only economical and bona fide travel expenses will be reimbursed. Only economy airfare will be paid, unless otherwise decided by the Board in accordance with guidelines of TM.
  2. We will ensure that TM resources will be used effectively. Assets under our control will be used for no purpose other than for the advancement of TM’s objectives.
  3. When private travel is added onto TM related travel, we will notify the Board before the trip and will meet any extra costs that this may entail.

4.3.4 Private Activities and Private Property

  1. We will not engage in any activity or transactions or acquire any position or function, whether paid or unpaid, that is incompatible with or detracts from the proper performance of our duties, and that may bring TM as a whole into disrepute.
  2. We will so arrange our private affairs as not to engage in any activity that might impair the credibility of TM by giving the impression that TM is fostering individuals, public or private institutions whose behaviour is perceived as not being in accordance with TM’s values.
  3. We will not use TM business relationships to solicit or obtain favours or improper benefits in private life.
  4. We will not allow our political affiliations and/or activities to unduly influence or interfere with the political neutrality that is the hallmark of the TI movement.

4.3.5 Remuneration

Where we receive any remuneration for public speaking, writing for a publication or a media appearance, and TI organisational information is involved or the appearance is a result of the individual’s employment or association with TM, then the remuneration will be paid directly to TM. However, the Board may decide to forward such honorarium, partly or entirely, to the respective staff member.

4.3.6 Post-Employment

We will not allow our actions and decisions in the course of our work to be improperly influenced by the prospect of future employment with others.

4.3.7 Confidentiality and Transparency

  1. We will treat information obtained in the service of TM with confidentiality, when its nature calls for it or when this is explicitly requested, and will not use any such information or materials to further a private interest. This obligation continues after the staff’s separation from TM.
  2. We will be as open as possible about all decisions and actions we take, taking into account the above-mentioned needs for confidentiality.

4.4 Financial Transparency

  1. We will provide and publish audited financial statements in easily accessible form. Financial reports will be provided and published as appropriate.
  2. We will publish annually our sources of funding exceeding € 1,000 and account accurately and promptly to donors in accordance with the terms of their grants.

4.5 Financial Independence

We will act in line with the Board policy of not accepting funds that might impair the independence of the organisation to pursue its mission. To this end, TM will

  1. accept resources only from donors who share our anti-corruption objectives.
  2. seek a balanced distribution between resources obtained from public sector, private sector, foundations and charities, and membership contribution;
  3. seek a multitude of donors in any aforementioned category;
  4. not accept resources granted under condition or structured such that TM refrains from independent action,
    • pursues activities inconsistent with its mission, or
    • refrains from pursuing activities consistent with its mission.


1. Getting familiar with the Code

  1. TM management will actively encourage an internal dialogue on ethics, provide guidance for staff and ensure that internal systems, policies and procedures are consistent with this Code.
  2. Copies of the Code will be provided to each staff member and on our web site.
  3. The Code will be annexed to all contracts of employment and signed along with it.
  4. There will be an annual review of compliance with the Code and evaluation of its impact on the culture of integrity at TM. The review will be conducted by the Board.
  5. Periodic meetings will provide a forum of discussion and review of the impact of the code.

2. Raising an Issue/ Whistleblower Protection

  1. Any concerns about an interpretation, application or suspected violation of the Code that staff or other stakeholders are not comfortable raising directly with staff concerned should be brought to the attention of the Board.
  2. No one shall be discriminated against or disciplined or reprimanded for reporting concerns or requesting guidance concerning the TM Code of Conduct to the person to whom they normally report whether or not the concerns are established as valid or substantiated.

3. Amendments

Amendments to the Code shall be discussed with all stakeholders, and must be approved by TM Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors approved this document
at its meeting in Mauritius on 20 April 2009
and subsequent revisions of it
with Board Circular: none


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