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Transparency Mauritius is an independent, non-political and non-partisan body corporate.

In 1994 Mr Jacques Dinan, one of the founder members of Transparency Mauritius, met Mr Frank Vogl at the World Congress of the International Public Relations Association in Punta del Este, Uruguay.  Mr Vogl who was then the Vice-President of Transparency International (TI) in Berlin made a presentation on TI.

Upon his return to Mauritius, Mr Dinan published an article on that TI presentation.  The President of the Republic at that time was impressed by the article and thus contacted Mr Dinan and suggested that such an organization should be launched in Mauritius.

Truly after this, Transparency Mauritius was then founded at the Plantation House, Duke of Edinburgh Street in Port Louis.  The founder members were Mr Rene Noel, Mr Jacques Dinan, Mr Kailash Ruhee, Mr Raj Makoond and Prof. Roland Lamusse.

A National Integrity System workshop, jointly organized by the Attorney General’s Office and the newly established branch of Transparency International in Mauritius took place from 26 to 27 February 1998 at Domaine Les Pailles.  The workshop was done in collaboration with Transparency International-Secretariat, the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, the Government of Norway and the Government of Mauritius.

Transparency Mauritius was officially incorporated on 28 October 1998 with two Directors, Mr René Noël and Mr Jacques Dinan and Miss Hélène D’Unienville as Secretary.

Messrs K. Ruhee, Mr D. Makoond and Mr R. Lamusse were the other founder members and shareholders.

Board of Directors, 2017

Mr Philippe Hardy, Chairman
Mr Sivananda Vencatapillay
Mr Jacques de Navacelle
Mr Balmick Molaye
Ms Lovania Pertab


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