The Board of Directors

Year 2023


Ms Lovania Pertab – Chairperson

Lovania Pertab is a barrister by profession. She holds a Maitrise en Droit from the University of la Reunion, France, a Diplome de 3eme cycle in International Environmental Law from the University of Limoges, France and a post graduate diploma in Ocean laws and Policy from the Rhodes Academy in Greece.

She has been also trained in the field of legislative drafting.

Lovania has worked as Principal State Counsel at the State Law Office of Mauritius and has served as a Magistrate in both Mauritius and the Republic of Seychelles for many years.

As a Stated Law Officer she prosecuted numerous criminal cases including cases of fraud and corruption.

In the past fifteen years, Lovania has worked in the private sector as an in-house lawyer, namely in the aviation sector, the banking sector and in the commercial field.

Lovania is well versed in matters of corruption and fraud in as much as she has acquired firsthand experience in both the public and the private sector.

Mr Eddy Marc Jolicoeur – Vice Chair

Eddy Jolicoeur holds a Degree in Economics, Social Policy and Administration from the University of Kent at Canterbury and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Surrey, he started his career, upon returning to Mauritius, in the sugar industry as Human Resource and Public Relations Executive. He then joined the Rogers Group as Chief Human Resources Executive in the year 2000.

In 2008, he has been appointed Group Head of Human Resources of the MCB Group, a post which he held until April 2018.

He held the post of CEO of MIoD from May 2018 until August 2019.

He was appointed Executive Vice President – Human Resources at Air Mauritius in September 2019 to drive the HR dimension of the transformation programme and resigned in December 2020 while the company was under voluntary administration.

He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Mauritius, where he is a part-time lecturer. He has also been a visiting fellow at the ESCP European Business School.

Eddy is a seasoned strategic HR leader, a trusted advisor, a mentor and a coach. He currently works with business owners, executives and leaders to initiate and help facilitate business-critical decisions at the highest levels.

His interventions constitute everything a business could possibly need from a first-class HR Department as an employer. He handles strategic change management, organisational design and everything in between.

Ms Brinda Devi Dabysing

Brinda is a finance enthusiast and, as part of the World Bank Mauritius Office, is engaged in the financial sector development of Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros and Madagascar. She also provides implementation of technical support on a wide range of areas such as international remittances, supervision of banks and non-banking financial institutions, money laundering risk assessments, SME access to finance and governance.

Her work at the World Bank is mainly focused on policy reforms and spans the whole financial system, namely addressing high non-performing loans; distressed postal bank; assistance to implement national payments system strategy, to develop national fintech strategy and implement national AML strategy; legislative reforms, on data protection, financial consumer protection, among others. During 2021-23, she also held the post of acting Resident Representative of the World Bank where she was responsible for facilitating the new Country Partnership Framework with Mauritius and developing a new pipeline of financial and technical assistance for Mauritius. This posting also allowed her to forge strong relationships with other development partners on important issues for the country on the climate agenda and development finance.

Prior to joining the World Bank, she was a private equity executive, working for a captive fund and managed a portfolio of investments in mainland Africa, Europe and India. Her interests range from company valuation to corporate restructuring and governance of distressed state-owned financial entities.

Brinda is an economist by profession and holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the University of Mauritius, followed by an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking from the ICMA Centre, University of Reading, United Kingdom and an MBA in Finance from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. She was also awarded a fellowship for the Governance for Development in Africa course by the School of African Studies, University of London.

In her spare time, Brinda enjoys painting tropical flowers in acrylic and offers yoga lessons.

currently acting Country Representative for Mauritius and Seychelles while also being in the Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, as part of which she engages in policy dialogue on the development of the financial sector in the Indian Ocean islands.

Executive Team

Mr Rajen Bablee, the Executive Director, holds a MSc in International Business Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism and a BSc (Hons) in Communication Studies. He has also followed the ‘Ethics Officer Certification Program’ of the Ethics Institute of South Africa and has worked as a Crime Prevention Officer in the Mauritius Police Force and Chief Investigator at the ICAC before being a journalist in various media organisations. Rajen was the first Mauritian to be awarded the CNN Multichoice African Journalist of the Year for the French print category in 2009. Rajen has also authored literary works and is a member of the MIOD.


Board Committees

Finance Committee: Brinda Dabysingh 

Corporate Governance Committee: Lovania Pertab 

Chapter of Transparency International

Transparency Mauritius (TM) in an accredited National Chapter of Transparency International based in Berlin, Germany. Since three years, TM is engaged with the ALAC (Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre) which consists of sensitising the population about corruption and providing assistance to the citizen to address corruption issues. TM operates a hotline, a website and a reception desk with a dedicated team to assist victims and witnesses of corruption.

Parallel to the ALAC, TM is engaged on several corruption topics such as political parties funding. In 2010 and 2012, TM has published a code of conduct for elections. An revised version of the code of elections will be launched in October 2014.

TM has published a survey on the behaviour of Mauritians with respect to Corruption in February 2013 and another one entitled ‘Le Regard des Jeunessur la politique et la corruption’.

TM is also working with the Policy Procurement Office with respect to public bidding in Mauritius.

In September 2013, TI and TM organised a course on Investigative Journalism for the local press and in March 2014 the first National Investigative Journalism Award was launched.

Further to the workshop held in September 2013, a manual, prepared by Ms Birgit Schwarz, has been published. It has been remitted to members of the press and students in journalism from the University of Mauritius in September 2014.

TM also intends to launch a series of talks and humoristic sketches on corruption in youth clubs, colleges and universities in partnership with the Embassy of the United States of America. This will help the youth, leaders of tomorrow to better about their fundamental rights and will involve them in the fight against corruption for a better Mauritius.

TM is also active with the MIOD with the setting up of a Whistleblowing Council in Mauritius.

Furthermore TM has been working closely with both the Public and Private Sectors as well as with the ICAC, the EOC, the office of the DPP, the MRA, the MIOD, the JEC and the MEF as well as within the Private Sector Anti-Corruption Task Force (PACT), the Business Action Group against Corruption (BAGAC) and the Public Private Platform against Corruption.

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