Transparency Mauritius Youth Parliament Voices of the Mauritian Youth

Transparency Mauritius is organising a Youth Parliament as from October 2016 to February 2017 on 8 Saturday mornings. 40 young men and women coming from 20 constituencies of Mauritius are invited to debate on the following topics:

  • Corruption (with focus on Good Governance & Meritocracy)
  • Environment & Economy (Sustainable Development, Blue Economy & Climate change)
  • Human Rights (Provisional charges, Access to Justice, Women Rights & Discriminations)
  • Electoral reforms (Structure & Financing of political parties, Powers of the ESC)
  • Freedom of Information
  • Mauritian Youth (Education & Employment)

The project is for empowering Mauritian youth to participate in the democratic and civic process and providing them with a forum to make recommendations on human rights, corruption and civil liberty issues to the Government and major stakeholders. Through the Youth Parliament, young Mauritians will formally discuss about the future of their country, what their beliefs are, and what shape the Mauritian society should take. It will also be a learning process for them.

Interested young persons aged between 18 and 23 yrs are invited to participate in the Parliament by sending their CV & letter of motivation by mail to [email protected] or to Transparency Mauritius, TN Tower, 13, St Georges Street, Port Louis before the 2nd of September 2016. Preference to those coming from deprived areas of Mauritius or from low income families.

Following several requests received to review the age limit of participants for the Youth Parliament, we wish to inform you that depending on the number of applications received, those above 23 and up to 25 years may be considered.

August 12, 2016