Advocacy And Legal Advice Centre (ALAC)

The ALAC’s main aim is to enable citizens seek advice, propose solutions and report corruption relating to both private and public institutions.

The ALAC has four main components:

  • Hotline: Victims/witnesses of corruption receive initial advice about their rights and, where prima facie evidence of corruption exists, referral is made to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) or for further legal counseling.
  • Legal Advice: Citizens are helped to articulate, develop, file and pursue their complaints with the assistance of legal professionals hired by the center.
  • Advocacy: Based on the cases presented to the center, advocacy is carried out to raise awareness about the sectors and institutions which are the subject of most complaints and in highlighting attention to specific institutional and legal vulnerabilities and providing recommendations.
  • Capacity Building: Support is provided to public/private sector and communities to strengthen their capacity to respond to corruption issues.

The reasons for the establishment of ALAC includes the following:

  • Most corruption cases referred by ALAC are well-documented and articulated, facilitating the work of government anti-corruption agencies to effectively handle them.
  • There is a growing awareness that for reforms to be sustainable and for citizens to be aware of their rights, it requires a strong and dynamic partnership between communities and civil-society, and not merely reliance on strengthening laws and institutions.
  • ALAC helps shape arguments on controversial topics since they are driven by the collaboration with general public.
  • Helps victims or witnesses of corruption.
  • Assists them to articulate, develop, file and pursue their complaints.
  • Advises and their complaints.

Does not

  • Represent its clients in Court.
  • Carry investigations.

Our Guarantee

  • Confidentiality.
  • Integrity.
  • Free Advice.

How to report

1.    By calling our hotline on 800-2555
2.    By post or Walk-in

Transparency Mauritius (CAJAC)
6th Floor, TN Tower
St Georges Street

By e-mail: [email protected]